Customized Full Body Macbook Decal/Skin

Product Description

Full Body Macbook Skin (please watch Video on How to Apply Laptop Skin ) -Also Known as Full Body Macbook Decals, is a very unique and creative concept for primarily protecting your Macbook's external lid area from light scratches, tampering and liquid spills.

Please note that this full-body Macbook decal is precision cut custom decal for your Macbook. Simply select the right size of macbook and the decal supplied will contain 

1) Decal for External Lid Area

2) Decal for Backside of the Macbook


4) Keypad and Trackpad Area 



You can upload the design on your choice for your customized product and leave it to us to send a delightful customized product.

Please keep these guidelines in mind while uploading the image/artwork.

 Min. Resolution of the image should 1024*768 . Don't worry if you are not sure of the resolution ,  simply upload the image and we will let you know if it does not satisfy the condition.

  1. For Horizontal  products   eg. Horizontal Laptop/Macbook  Sleeve,  Laptop /Macbook Skin , please upload images where width of the image is more than the height.
  2. Similarly For Vertical Products eg. Mobile Panels, Vertical Laptop/Macbook Sleeve , please upload images where the height of the image is more than the width.
  3. You may choose to ignore to upload the image /artwork on this page and place the order and send us the image after placing the order @


We only use 3M Graded material for Manufacturing Macbook Skins , which means that no residue or gum on removal .



Rs. 749.00 Rs. 900.00

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