Customized ONEPLUS TWO Phone Case

Product Description

Want to add good ol’ panel protection to your device and want to personalize it too , its too much you ask , but we give it ...

theskinmantra Mobile Panel is:

  • Protection Guaranteed: Made of hard shell polycarbonate material which will stay strong against the test of a lot of pressure .
  • Looks Guaranteed: The Panels are fused with colours and not just printed , that means no fade even after prolonged usage and normal wear and tear. No chipping of the colours either.
  • Re-Emphasize on the above two points . ok?


You can upload the design on your choice for your customized product and leave it to us to send a delightful customized product.

Please keep these guidelines in mind while uploading the image/artwork.


  1. Min. Resolution of the image should 1024*768 . Don't worry if you are not sure of the resolution ,  simply upload the image and we will let you know if it does not satisfy the condition.
  2. For Horizontal  products   eg. Horizontal Laptop/Macbook  Sleeve,  Laptop /Macbook Skin , please upload images where width of the image is more than the height.
  3. Similarly For Vertical Products eg. Mobile Panels, Vertical Laptop/Macbook Sleeve , please upload images where the height of the image is more than the width.
  4. You may choose to ignore to upload the image /artwork on this page and place the order and send us the image after placing the order @


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