Skulled Design Slip-On Sleeve
Skulled Design Slip-On Sleeve

Skulled Design Slip-On Sleeve

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* The uber-cool designer hydraflex sleeves from the house of theskinmantra are here; The sleeves combine aesthetic finesse with expressive color proof designs on both sides of the sleeve with the thick neoprene material
* The sleeves are not just water-resistant but are washable ensuring longevity, so your laptop or MacBook life may be limited but the sleeve will outlast them
* The laptop/MacBook sleeve is compact enough to be put in a backpack; It's a perfect companion even if you wish to use it as a standalone accessory on airport transits, office, and conferences
* The sleeve is going to be a perfect snug fit for your laptop and MacBook; The seams of the sleeve are 4-way cross lock stitched meaning durability and strength when you need it.