Vintage Radio 11.1 inch Designer Slip-On Sleeve

Product Description

Waterproof and Fadeproof Macbook Sleeves. The Swanky, The stylish , The Hot new cushioned Macbook Sleeves are here from the house of theskinmantra.

These sleeves will be a perfect fit for all Macbooks and Laptops which fall under the 13 Inch bracket such as Macbook Pro 11 , Macbook Air 11, Retina and Non Retina Display . . 

These are made of Hydra-Flex Material which means that they are water proof , and the designs on the them are fadeproof. Made from 4.2 MM thick cushioned Material . These Macbook  Sleeves offer Ultimate Utility and style. Carry your gadget in one of these sleeve. Second look Guaranteed!


Check out the video below:  Please note that hte video is for illustration purpose and a 15.6 sleeve is used for this . The actual sleeve will be as per the size mentioned.  


Rs. 499.00 Rs. 849.00

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